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We have an expert education / training staff. With the infrastructure of Istanbul Aydın University, we provide education in very clean, developed and modern spaces. We have a professional staff that will carry out this training and organization completely. We collaborate with the most developed universities in the world as a result of years of effort. We have carefully determined the training subjects we provide according to the needs of our country. In addition to personal and professional development, we are well equipped to meet the needs of all our students in terms of employment. For the time being, we have the infrastructure to launch our education activities in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya very soon. We send students abroad to the best and economically most suitable universities. We monitor the students we send to universities and silicon valley without interruption and carry the responsibility of being their parents at the highest level. We ensure that our diplomas and certificates are recognized by renowned universities around the world. Most importantly, we love our work, continue with great enthusiasm, know our responsibility and as TUANA and AÜBA, we are constantly improving ourselves.


To contribute to the education and training of our country, together with the experts of their fields, in cooperation with the world's largest universities, with a professional staff, with the advantage of having a high level infrastructure necessary for education and training,

In Turkey, universities are not included enough, tried to be scattered across the country in a way, become an institution of international recognition and certification for employment,

Providing a guarantee of finding a job, performing training / education on subjects that require specialization, and raising the individuals sought in the most needed professions with the certificates it provides.

It is to be the center of attraction for students and academicians in national and international arena by providing continuity of learning which gives the most happiness to people.


“The eye is the one; the brain sees that it will be gibi as it is said, to educate individuals who have a wide vision and who are one of the best in their profession with the education / training system and the trainings they provide, to be a constantly developing / developing academy with the individuals in question throughout the country.

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